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Placement of floor tiles in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else…

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a pic with tiles in bathroom brussels

Is your bathroom outdated or not your taste we help with tile replacement

Very often, bathroom and kitchen remodeling requires the partial or complete replacement of the tiles

If you want to place or replace the floor tiles (or on the wall)  in your kitchen to remodel it or in your bathroom or even in the back your yard.

You want to look for a person who can perform this job at the best rate and standards.

If you are unsure about the good tiler in Brussels that was recommended to you by a friend or a colleague, you can get in touch with us!

We will perform the job to your best satisfaction.

Either you choose the tiles and we place it, or we take everything in hand while you use your time for another valuable activity.

In any case we are here, as handyman in Brussels, to give you full satisfaction

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Are you looking for a good handyman in Brussels, Waterloo, Tervueren…?

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Tired or fed up of paying contractors for doing jobs a single individual can accomplish for you without delay? At some time most of us will feel like that. Guess what, you really don’t have to look further anymore. We have a flexible approach to all the sort of smaller or bigger project we will accomplish efficiently for you.

If you are looking for a professional and efficient electrician plumber or handyman here in Brussels and surrounding area’s such as Waterloo, Overijse, Wezembeek, Woluwe, Ixelles, Etterbeek, Zaventem, Genval… you are at the right place! From the replacement plug socket to a complete, or partial, rewiring of your property. We perform all sorts of domestic or commercial electrical work. This is your personal 24 hour service and we will deal with any issue ( which might arise in your presence or in your absence while you are abroad).

Whether you have to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom, or if you want us to clean the gutters and do the clearing of the water pipes

Handyman service in Belgium wanting to serve customers

ring and maintaining of your garden, if you have paint jobs, or Ikea furniture to put up, or even curtains or veranda to be placed, we will perform any odd or major job with professionalism. We are good at tidying up cellars, and attics. We also undertake inspections and will take a look at your electricity installations. We do inspections, and provide you with diagnostics or fault findings on electrical systems. Larger works are supervised by a quality management manager providing and we make sure you get regular updates. We do tiling, roofing, flooring etc.

you can visit us at handymanforyourhome or simply call + 32 476 178 707

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